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The following is the 'log' list for the Roggenweizenhaferflocken Porter.

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February 20, 2011 (07:49 AM)
Well, that one went fast. We managed to finish off the Roggenweizenhaferflocken Porter while bottling the Rye Blonde II and brewing the Farmhouse yesterday. I was definitely happy with the final product... a very drinkable darker beer, not too heavy or "roasted" tasting, but with a good malt complexity. I'll probably mix things up a bit next time, but I'm definitely going to try a multi-grain batch like this again.
February 6, 2011 (1:26 PM)
Bottled the Roggenweizenhaferflocken yesterday, ended up with almost exactly 3 gallons once the 2L and Better Bottle were combined. FG was 1.010 or 1.011, which means about 5.7% alcohol by volume. First taste in one week.
January 27, 2011 (4:26 PM)
I've reconsidered, and I think I'll push up bottling for this whole batch to the weekend of Feb. 5th, so that I can focus on bigger brewing tasks the weekend of Feb. 19th (namely, bottling the Rye Blonde II and brewing the Farmhouse Ale).
January 24, 2011 (08:50 AM)
All visible fermentation has ceased — no krausen, no bubbles in the airlock, beer is clearing up pretty well. It's 9 days into primary now, so at this rate I think I might bottle the 2-liter on February 5th, which would be 21 days. I'm a little worried about it oxidizing, since it's not really sealed up the way the 3-gallon BB carboy is. I'll save the carboy bottling until I get back from Miami in mid-February.
January 18, 2011 (1:04 PM)
Activity definitely starting to subside a bit in both fermenters. Each formed a healthy krausen, both of which are slowly starting to subside now.

I'm toying with the idea of blending the two for a secondary, rather than just leaving them in primary for the duration, especially since the 2-liter bottle doesn't exactly have a perfect airlock on it. I'll probably decide by this weekend, and do the transfer before I get started with the Blonde Ale II.
January 15, 2011 (4:24 PM)
As planned, I brewed the Roggenweizenhaferflocken Porter today. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my boil off rate, so I had more than half a gallon too much wort at the end of the boil. Since I had two yeast starters (one for the Wyeast 1272 and one for White Labs 051), I decided to split the wort into a 3-gallon batch (in the 3-gallon Better Bottle) and a 2-liter batch (in a sanitized 2-liter soda bottle), with the WL051 in the 3-gallon batch and the Wyeast 1272 in the 2-liter batch.

Here's a pic of each one, after I churned them up to aerate a bit:


I have to say this is probably the thickest wort I've ever seen. When I was aerating it, the bubbles were congealing in it almost like they would in maple syrup. I assume it's the rye malt mostly contributing to that, but the oatmeal and wheat likely helped.

In other news, I would have overshot my efficiency target by a good bit if I'd actually boiled this down to 3 gallons. As it is now, I nailed my target OG (1.054) for the 3.6 gallons.
January 14, 2011 (09:42 AM)
Looks like my 12-month-old jars of yeast slurry aren't viable enough to use this weekend, so I'm switching the yeast to a vial I picked up the other day as a back-up: WLP051 California Ale V. I'll try to ferment on the lower end of its range, to minimize fruitiness, but I'm hoping it'll turn out well.


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