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February 7, 2010 (10:49 PM)
Will update the recipe page soon, but here's the quick synopsis of the brew:
It turns out that I only thought that I had formulated the recipe for 0.5 gallons, when in fact ProMash doesn't let you do less than 1 gallon (it reverted to 1.0 after I saved and closed the recipe, but kept showing the 0.5 while I formulated it). Luckily, I figured this out during the mash, in time to pull out a second 2-liter bottle.
Hit the target OG pretty much on the head at 1.054.
I split one of the washed jars of yeast between these two -- I figure it should be plenty for this small volume of wort, which is basically like a starter.
Pitched at 77°F, and I won't really have any way to keep track of fermentation temperatures. It'll just have to be ambient in my room. The room is probably around 65°F, so it shouldn't be a radically hot fermentation even if it's a tad on the warm side. Some esters and phenols might be nice to complement the key lime flavor and aroma.


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