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February 7, 2010 (01:21 AM)
Just pitched the yeast for this one. For some reason, this time it took forever to get down to temperature. It was still around 80°F when I pitched, but the fermenter is down in the basement, on a cold concrete floor where it should be steady around 62°F once it stabilizes.
This brew day was a mess -- took a lot longer than usual throughout the process. Sparging never really ran clear, even after the third batch of sparge water, so my efficiency was pretty low (around 62-63%) and OG was about 1.049. I'm sure that's because of the large amount of wheat (and no rice hulls). Next time I brew with this much wheat I'll make sure to plan extra sparging and a longer boil to make up for it.
I also risked contamination because I miscalculated how much cooled water I would need. I had boiled a pot of water and left it covered, cooling. However, even when I mixed that with the cooled wort, it was only about 4.2 gallons. I really wanted the full 5 gallons, though, so I added tap water to the fermenter. Hopefully my yeast wins out against any tap water critters.


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