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February 5, 2010 (5:05 PM)
As the snowstorm started moving in this afternoon, I bottled the RyePA III. Filled all twelve of my 16-oz bottles, one 24-oz bottle, and thirty 12-oz bottles.
As usual, I tasted the last bit that wouldn't fill the last bottle. Quite tasty... nicely bitter (but not too bitter), definite hop flavor & aroma. Hard to tell what the body will be like since this was post-priming sugar, but it was tasty. I am a little worried that it will be sedimenty and cloudy. I forgot to use irish moss in this one, and it's definitely still a little cloudy. However, at least it tastes good!
Hopefully it won't suffer from my recent tendency toward headlessness. Next update in a week or so when I taste one.


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