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February 4, 2010 (10:06 AM)
Just went down to the basement storage room to check on the fermentation. Since there's no airlock (just a blowoff tube), and the bucket is obviously opaque, I wasn't sure how to check whether any activity had begun. I decided to crack a corner of the lid -- nice krausen forming, great fermentation smell.
Until I get one of those sticker thermometers to put on the outside of the bucket, I also don't have a good way to measure fermentation temperature without having to risk contamination by sticking a thermometer into the bucket. My solution is a gallon jug of tap water sitting right next to the bucket on the concrete floor (also being used for blowoff). Even though the yeast activity will heat the bucket a bit, I figure the jug's temperature is a decent approximation. Right now: 62 degrees in the jug. That's near the bottom of the yeast's ideal temperature range, but definitely not too cold (especially if you add a couple degrees of fermentation heat).


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