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Associated with Holiday Ale 2009. You can also view this beer's full log.

October 7, 2009 (10:45 PM)
Still no FG measurement. Since I haven't had time to bottle this beer yet, I didn't see any reason to open up the carboy and mix in oxygen & possibly microbes. Also, since a diacetyl rest is recommended, I decided there's no harm in letting the beer just sit for awhile after yeast activity seems to have halted. Right now it bubbles every 10 minutes or so -- I'm guessing mostly outgassing of CO2 dissolved in the beer from earlier fermentation.
Might be bottling tomorrow -- if not, probably by the weekend. I'm curious what the FG is, since the yeast is supposedly not that attenuative. Most of my recent beers reached such low FG that I'm almost forgetting what a nice hint of sweetness is like -- hopefully this one performs as advertised and leaves one.


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