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October 6, 2009 (11:06 AM)
Before my memory of this beer fades too much, I should do a quick look back at it. I was quite amazed by how much the "good" watermelon flavor came through to the final beer, even after aging a bit. None of the "bad" rotten fruit/off flavors were apparent, as I've heard some people encounter when using fresh watermelon. I'm guessing that might have something to do with me using a wire mesh to keep out chunks of watermelon flesh, then simmering the juice to kill off any hitchhiking microbes.
That being said, I think I'd want to try a "pure" watermelon ale sometime, just to see what the flavors are like when they're not conflicting with all these hops & malts (and whatever contribution the strawberries made). I'd probably do just 2-row, maybe a little carapils for the head retention, and I'd probably stick with Wyeast 1056 as the yeast, since it doesn't add too much. I'll put that on my agenda for late spring next year, just in time to be a tasty late summer brew.
So, in summary: I liked the way this tasted a lot, and it definitely packed a bit of a punch. However, there was probably a bit too much going on, flavorwise, in this beer.


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