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September 20, 2009 (2:25 PM)
I guess I never posted a final analysis of the beer—right now there are only 2-3 bottles left, so I'd say it's about as final as can be.
The good: This beer has an excellent flavor and a very crisp/dry mouthfeel. It's refreshing but still packs a decent punch. The carbonation came out perfectly, and the golden honey color was beautiful in a glass. I would change very little as far as the ingredients in this one.
The bad: I really should have heeded the warnings I was given about doing even a brief protein rest. Not only was the beer entirely clear (not my desire for a wheat ale), there was essentially zero head retention. It was an excellent beer out of the bottle, but looked more like a soft drink when poured into a glass. Luckily, the long time in the fermenter made it so there was nearly zero sediment in the bottles. Otherwise, I would have had to choose between a flat-looking (but well-carbonated) pint glass and a mucky/sedimenty bottle.
In sum: If/when I brew this one again, I will nix the protein rest entirely. I might also add some torrified wheat or unmodified wheat as well, just to boost head retention even more.


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