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August 1, 2009 (2:25 PM)
Finally bottled the Honey Wheat today! It smelled great and had a noticeable (but not overpowering) honey taste, though it's always hard to gauge the flavors after the priming sugar is added. I am concerned that I might have over-primed this one slightly, but not to the point of exploding bottles. I went with 4.875 ounces of table sugar for just under 6 gallons of beer. Since the FG was even a tad lower than it had been on July 12 (ended up closer to 1.009), I'm hoping there was next to zero fermentable sugar left in the wort before adding the priming sugar.
I may taste one on August 13, but probably will not really crack into them until the 24th, when I get back from a camping trip.
One more note: This is one of the longer periods I've left a beer in primary, and I noticed that the yeast cake/trub was much more compact and didn't swirl up as much when I was transferring it to the bottling bucket. I'm not sure if that's also partially because this yeast has such high flocculation, but in any case it made for a much cleaner transfer. I was able to siphon almost all the way against the cake before the little "tornado" of trub started entering the tube.


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