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July 12, 2009 (2:24 PM)
Just took FG measurement — made it down to 1.011! That's 7.4% ABV before I water it down for bottling (planning to add about a gallon of water with the priming sugar). Woot! Now I'll give it a few more days for diacetyl rest, since this yeast is such a notorious diacetyl producer.
I did a few calculations and it looks like I'll be ending up with anywhere from mid-5.x% to mid-6.x% ABV, depending on how much is lost to the trub in the primary. Calculations follow, in case you're interested.
The presumption is I will be diluting the beer enough to make 6 gallons, regardless of how much I get from the fermenter. Hopefully it will be somewhere between 4.5gal and 5gal. I will then prime with about 5 oz table sugar (using my usual formula of about 120g/5gal). ProMash says 5 oz table sugar increases the SG of 6 gallons by 1.002, which should result in about 0.2% alcohol if it is fully fermented (which table sugar should be).
4.50 gallons at 7.4% ABV = 0.33 gallons of alcohol
0.33/6.0 = 5.5%
5.5% + ~0.2% = ~5.7% ABV
4.75 gallons at 7.4% ABV = 0.35 gal alc
0.35/6.0 = 5.8%
5.8% + ~0.2% = ~6.0%
5.00 gallons at 7.4% ABV = 0.37 gal alc
0.37/6.0 = ~6.2%
6.2% + ~0.2% = ~6.4%


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