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June 28, 2009 (2:21 PM)
I probably should have chosen a different yeast for this beer, since I have a lot of trouble keeping my apartment cooler than about 72°F (and this yeast is known to produce diacetyl and fusel alcohols at temperatures in that range). Last night I managed to get my bedroom down to about 70°F (fermometer reading was 71°F due to fermentation heat). However, the yeast was just getting going.
By morning it was going full steam and had heated the carboy to 74°F (the absolute highest this yeast should be allowed to go). I knew I had to do something, so I found a plastic container to serve as a water bath and got some ice, a desk fan, and an old t-shirt I don't care for anymore. I wet the shirt and draped it over the carboy to act as a wick to draw up the cold water, and then aimed the fan at the shirt to speed the evaporation. Now, the fermometer reads 65°F—exactly where this yeast performs best. Hopefully the damage wasn't done overnight. Right now it's still fermenting away (constant stream of bubbles in the airlock), so at least some significant chunk of the fermentation will be at this more favorable temperature.
Here's a picture of my cooling setup.


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