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November 11, 2013 (8:24 PM)
As indicated in the summary for this brew, it was more a spontaneous collection of existing ingredients than a planned recipe. The efficiency of the mash was abysmal, because my grain mill broke awhile back, so I tried to "crush" it in our food processor, which was mostly a failure. I also didn't include any basic 2-row, which normally I would do. However, I figured there were enough sugars in the extract that all I really needed from the grain were the flavors and colors that would be produced even if I just steeped it a bit.

The yeast was also an experiment of sorts. I had some old jars of yeast saved from prior batches and I wasn't sure it was still viable, so I made a starter. When the starter fermented cleanly (smelled pleasant even), I decided to make this batch and use the starter.

The strains of yeast that went into the starter were equal parts (a spoonful of each) from the yeast cakes from the Wild Ale I and the Farmhouse Ale. The Farmhouse Ale had a combination of four or five yeast strains itself, including the WSP-001 yeast that I collected from dates for the Wild Ale I.


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