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April 23, 2011 (10:40 PM)
Just re-plated three separate colonies from the krausen plate, labeled WSP002-K1, -K2, and -K3. Unfortunately, right before doing so, the krausen plate slipped from my fingers and bounced on the floor. Therefore, I will have to look closely at the next generation of plates, and try to avoid any colonies that look to be different from the way the mother plate looked before I dropped it.

This is definitely an entirely different species from the WSP002-A2 plate, which was much more yellow and had a different growth pattern (looked kinda like slime spreading outward). This one is much whiter and grows in neater little circles. It also smells much cleaner, less "rich" than the A2 was.

Sure hope I didn't fuck it up too bad by dropping it, but I should know within a day or two.


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