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April 17, 2011 (5:53 PM)
The re-plating of the yeast appears to have been a success, as there was no mold on the new plate, and the yeast appeared to be uniform in coloration and growth rate. Here's a picture of the plate about 30 hours after it was streaked:

Soon after taking that shot, I made some starter wort (100ml @ 1.020) and scooped some of the yeast from the plate into the starter, which went onto a stir plate. About 6 hours later, there was clear yeast activity, so I added more wort (500ml @ 1.031). I'll let that starter finish, decant, and pitch into a trial batch (1 gallon, probably) next weekend.

In related news, apparently there was a good reason the "B" plate had no apparent yeast growth on it: there doesn't appear to be any yeast in the "B" bottle. Yesterday, I poured off the mold that had collected on the floating rose hips in the "B" bottle, though the mold had disappeared in the "A" bottle once a good krausen got going. The comparison below shows the yeast activity in "A" and the lower level in "B" from pouring off the mold:


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