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April 16, 2011 (02:50 AM)
The floating rose hips have become rafts of mold, so I think I plated these samples just before it would have been hard to avoid getting mold throughout. I just re-plated the most promising candidate from the rose hips plates (plate A, to be precise). Mold of some pinkish-white variety was starting to overtake the plates, but I picked an apparently isolated yeast colony that also seemed untouched by mold. In this shot, it's the large circular spot in the middle-right of the lower plate:

This one shows a closer shot of the pink mold, which had a stronger foothold in the other plate (which didn't have any colonies that looked reasonably free of mold and good for propagating):

After streaking that colony onto a new plate (labeled WSP002-A2), I'm hoping there will be little or no mold on this sample when it's time to put it into a starter in a few days. I'm thinking I might start with about 100ml and work my way up to about a 2L total volume, abandoning if flavor or other characteristics are clearly a failure along the way.


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