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April 9, 2011 (12:31 AM)
So I'm working my way through the last of dozen or so of these now, after many people have had a chance to try at least a few of them. Not quite time for a "looking back" post, but I think it's about the right time for a present take on the mature beer.

The Belgianish half is very flavorful, rich with fruity/yeasty/spicy flavors and aromas. I might actually say that it's a bit too much going on, as far as yeast flavor, and slightly imbalanced there. However, it's an imbalance I enjoy, at least in moderate doses. I'd probably not want to drink a six-pack of them over an afternoon or something.

The 1272(ish) half has an almost (but not quite) roasted taste to it, and the yeast seems to have enhanced the malt flavors to the point where they seem stronger than the recipe would have you believe. I'd say this is now shifting from 1272 to 1272ish, not quite as clean as the original yeast, but nothing unpleasant yet. The 1272ish half would have done well with more hops, I think, to balance the increased malt flavor the yeast seems to have imparted.

Both beers have an ever-so-slight residual sweetness to them, too, so I must have mashed this higher than I thought. That day was kind of a blur, so anything could have happened.


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