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April 8, 2011 (11:30 PM)
Just took another sample, SG is still 1.011, so I'll be bottling this weekend for sure. The flavor is phenomenal... reminiscent of the better aspects of a lager, actually, with just the slightest hint of barnyard. I mean, I just drank the ~7oz sample almost greedily, it was so tasty. I suspect it would get slightly more "tart" as time goes on, as there is a miniscule hint of tartness (but not sourness), so I'm going to say this yeast is either Brett or it belongs to some genus I'm not familiar with that's somewhere between Brett and Sacc.

At the present FG, it should be about 4.5% ABV, a good refreshing beer for a warm day. I am very tempted to brew up another farmhouse wort for this yeast, and either blend it with the other one (which will be more aged then), or have them compete with each other come summer.


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