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April 5, 2011 (10:35 PM)
Though this isn't really a yeast experiment, per se, I did a sour mash with the spent grain after brewing the Tepache Ale on March 25. I had planned to use it for something earlier than now, but tonight I got tired of seeing the bucket sitting up on my fridge. I strained out the grain, boiled some DME, and added the boiled wort into the liquid strained from the grain. The color was so pale that I decided to throw in a small dollop of molasses to add both color and a bit more depth of flavor.

The total volume was about one gallon, maybe a little less. I'll step this up with some more wort in a week or so, add the Cuvee Rene dregs, and perhaps use it to inoculate a 5-gallon batch once it gets going good.


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