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April 2, 2011 (1:55 PM)
I transferred the Tepache Ale off the fruit today, since the fermentation seemed to have essentially finished (based on airlock activity). Sure enough, it was down to 1.004, though it looks like there's still some activity in the secondaries post-transfer. The sample tasted very dry and acidic, with a hint of jet fuel, but it was quite pleasant when I added a bit of simple syrup. I'm sure it will taste better when it's had time to mellow a bit.

I ended up getting about a gallon and a half:

The 1-gallon portion will sit in the secondary for a few months, with the hopes that the yeast will be able to clean up after itself and the flavors will meld a bit. The ½ gallon was topped off with some of the Cuvée René dregs, even though it's already fairly sour. I didn't really have a reason for it, just felt like experimenting with that half. It might become undrinkable, but only time will tell.

Here's what the hydro sample looked like:

Since I used a pectin enzyme, I'm hoping most of the haze is yeast that's still suspended, and it'll clear better with time.


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