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March 25, 2011 (10:54 PM)
Got this brew started tonight. Didn't take an OG measurement of the wort before adding the fruit and sugar, so I'll never know what the efficiency was. Even if it was close to zero (which it wasn't), the brown sugar alone would give this enough alcohol to pack a nice punch, though, so I'm not worried on that front.

I decided to go with the Belgian blend slurry from the Belgian half of the RBA II, even though I also have some dry wine yeasts I picked up at the brewing store today. Not sure why, just was a gut instinct on this one.

The concoction smells really great right now (it's cooling, will pitch the yeast momentarily). Fermenting in my 4-gallon bucket, since there would have been very little or no headspace in the new 2-gallon bucket. I set aside the grain from the mash here to do a sour mash in the 2-gallon, might pull that and boil it to add to one of my other beers sometime this weekend. Here's a picture of the fruit/wort mixture in an ice water bath in the sink (lid removed for photo):


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