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Associated with Rye Blonde Ale II. You can also view this beer's full log.

March 17, 2011 (08:36 AM)
So now that these bottles are well-conditioned, it's time to admit that the tweaks to this recipe made it a lot less blonde... maybe now it could be more accurately called a belgian pale?

Otherwise, I definitely prefer the belgian yeast over the 1272 portion, though both are good enough beers. I somewhat regret the higher mash temperature, as these are slightly sweet, and they might be better if they were a bit more dry. Also, I could have probably primed them with just a little more sugar, as the carbonation is on the low-to-moderate end (which I usually prefer), and it just seems like this beer would prefer to be a little more fizzy. However, all-in-all, a good batch. And I still have about 40 of them left, I'd guess, maybe closer to 50.


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