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February 9, 2011 (8:57 PM)
Before adding the domesticated yeast to The 108, I had set aside a jar of slurry so I could later see if any yeast was in there worth keeping. Once my agar plates came in the mail, I streaked one with the slurry.

Since then, the jar itself has started to smell extremely (and unappetizingly) pungent — somewhere between dirty socks and acetone — which leaves me with little hope for the yeast I've collected in there. However, on the agar plate, there are definitely at least two different yeast colonies, possibly three or more. One is a beige-bordering-on-orangish-brown color, another is a gray-beige color, and a third is an almost cream-white color. I'm hoping the nasty smells are coming from the gray and/or brownish-orange ones, and perhaps the white one is okay.

It is with that hope that tonight I made a 400ml starter around 1.035 OG, and used a sterilized inoculating loop to scoop up some of the white yeast colony into the starter. That went on a stir plate, and hopefully it'll start smelling tasty by the time I head to Miami in a couple days.


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