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Key Lime Wheat Ale


This is highly experimental, and that's why I'm only brewing a small (1-gallon) batch. It will probably be gross, but there's only one way to know for sure.

Batch size:		1 gallon (split into two 2-liter bottles)

Anticipated OG:   	1.053
Anticipated SRM: 	7.1 (	     	  )
Anticipated IBU: 	26.9

Brew date:		February 7, 2010
Original gravity: 	1.054
Days in primary:	[pending]
Days in secondary: 	[pending]
Final gravity: 		[pending]
Bottling date:		[pending]
ABV:			[pending]

% 	Amount 		Name 			Origin 	Potential	SRM
50.0 	1.00 lbs.  	Brewer's Malt (2-row) 	America 1.037 		2
50.0 	1.00 lbs.  	Dark Wheat Malt 	Germany 1.039 		8
Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.

Amount 		Name 		Form 	Alpha 	IBU 	Boil Time
0.13 oz.  	Northern Brewer Whole 	7.80 	23.5 	90 min
0.13 oz.  	Cascade 	Whole 	7.00 	3.3 	5 min

Amount 		Name 						Type 	Time
17.00 Unit(s)  	Key limes (zest) [unit = # of limes] 		Other 	5 Min.(boil)
17.00 Unit(s)  	Key limes (pulp & juice) [unit = # of limes] 	Fruit 	14 Days(fermenter)

WYeast 1272 American Ale II (first generation, washed)

The pulp and juice from the limes are added at flameout and transferred into the
fermenter with the wort.

Water Profile
Profile: 		Bethesda MD
Profile known for: 	Coming out of my tap
Calcium(Ca): 		42.8 ppm
Magnesium(Mg): 		9.3 ppm
Sodium(Na): 		19.5 ppm
Sulfate(SO4): 		44.0 ppm
Chloride(Cl): 		39.5 ppm
biCarbonate(HCO3): 	101.0 ppm
pH: 			7.40

Brewer's log (view full log)
Bottled this one today—got nine 12oz bottles. I did something daring (stupid?) and used honey as my priming sugar. Since I use 21g table sugar per gallo. . . . . [view full post]
The yeast is pretty much no longer visibly active, though it still smells quite good. I folded up the foil on one of the bottles for this pic:   . . . . . [view full post]
Both of these have a nice krausen going, and some convection currents, churning the yeast around. The smell coming out of them is incredible—very strong . . . . . [view full post]
Both bottles are showing early signs of krausen forming this morning, so it looks like my washed yeasties were able to do their magic.. . . . . [view full post]
Will update the recipe page soon, but here's the quick synopsis of the brew:   It turns out that I only thought that I had formulated the recipe for 0.5 . . . . . [view full post]


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