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Wheaty Springtime Ale


I just wanted to test out my new grain mill and my 4-gallon bucket as a fermenter, but I also wanted to brew something that might be tasty. Oh, and I wanted it to be fairly low-gravity so I could harvest the yeast from it as part of the beginning of my yeast reusing experiment.
So here it is — a 3-gallon batch of Wheaty Springtime Ale.

Anticipated OG:  1.048
Anticipated SRM: 10.2 (	     	  )
Anticipated IBU: 30.5

Brew date:		February 3, 2010
Original gravity: 	1.056
Days in primary:	14 days
Days in secondary: 	[none]
Target final gravity:	1.013
Actual final gravity: 	< 1.015
Bottling date:		February 17, 2010
Target ABV:		5.7%
Actual ABV:		> 5.4%
Bottle cap used:	Lightning bolt cap, no mark

% 	Amount 		Name 			Origin 	Potential 	SRM
75.6 	4.00 lbs.  	Pale Malt(2-row) 	America 1.036 		2
22.0 	1.16 lbs.  	Wheat Malt 		Germany 1.038 		2
2.4 	0.13 lbs.  	Chocolate Malt 		Belgium 1.030 		325
Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.

Amount 		Name 		Form 	Alpha 	IBU 	Boil Time
0.50 oz.  	Cascade 	Whole 	7.00 	25.4 	60 min
0.50 oz.  	Cascade 	Whole 	7.00 	5.1 	10 min

WYeast 1056 American Ale

Water Profile
Profile: 		Bethesda, MD (USA)
Calcium(Ca): 		42.8 ppm
Magnesium(Mg): 		9.3 ppm
Sodium(Na): 		19.5 ppm
Sulfate(SO4): 		44.0 ppm
Chloride(Cl): 		39.5 ppm
biCarbonate(HCO3): 	101.0 ppm
pH: 			7.40

Mash schedule
I undershot my original target (155°F) by a good amount (146°F), and heated with direct
heat (very low flame) for an hour while occasionally stirring, with a gradual rise to 
157°F, at which time flame was killed and mash rested for 15 minutes.  Total mash time 75 

Brewer's log (view full log)
Finally took a picture of the Wheaty Springtime. I really wish I could produce this kind of head retention consistently. On the other hand, most beers grow on. . . . . [view full post]
Just tasted the first Wheaty Springtime Ale. I don't know what off tastes I was detecting before, but this is one delicious beer. Also, it has by far the best. . . . . [view full post]
Also bottled the Wheaty Springtime Ale today. Ended up with 24 12oz bottles, one 16oz bottle, and one 22oz bottle. I'm a little worried about how it will turn. . . . . [view full post]
This one seems to be pretty much finishing up. Unfortunately, the bucket is slightly too shallow for me to take a hydrometer reading now that the gravity has d. . . . . [view full post]
Just went down to the basement storage room to check on the fermentation. Since there's no airlock (just a blowoff tube), and the bucket is obviously opaque, I. . . . . [view full post]
I'm back to overshooting my target OG -- this time it was like 86% efficiency (which sounds impossible, but the hydrometer ain't lyin').   I put this in . . . . . [view full post]


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