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Rye Blonde Ale


Despite being fairly happy with my last RyePA, I've decided to try a new recipe entirely. This one uses Saaz hops, in the hope that it will complement the spiciness of the rye malt. While the hops should be noticeably present, the goal isn't to overwhelm you with hoppiness. That, combined with a relatively low alcohol content (target is around 5.0%) should make this a great session beer.
UPDATE: After the first few tastes, I've renamed this my Rye Blonde Ale rather than Rye Pale Ale III. Definitely more accurate.

Anticipated OG: 	1.060
Anticipated SRM: 	7.9 (		)
Anticipated IBU: 	51.4

Brew date:		January 24, 2010
Original gravity: 	1.051
Days in primary:	12 days
Days in secondary: 	[none]
Target final gravity:	1.013
Actual final gravity: 	1.010
Bottling date:		February 5, 2010
Target ABV:		5.0%
Actual ABV:		5.4%

% 	Amount 		Name 			Origin 		Potential 	SRM
69.6 	8.00 lbs.  	Pilsner Malt(2-row) 	Europe 		1.035 		1
17.4 	2.00 lbs.  	Rye Malt 		America 	1.030 		4
8.7 	1.00 lbs.  	Biscuit Malt 		Great Britain 	1.035 		35
4.3 	0.50 lbs.  	CaraPilsner 		France 		1.035 		10
Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.

Amount 		Name 		Form 	Alpha 	IBU 	Boil Time
0.50 oz.  	Northern Brewer Whole 	7.80 	17.7 	75 min
0.75 oz.  	Northern Brewer Whole 	7.80 	24.8 	60 min
1.00 oz.  	Saaz (US) 	Whole 	3.00 	6.5 	30 min
1.00 oz.  	Saaz (US) 	Whole 	3.00 	2.1 	5 min
Total boil time: 90 min

WYeast 1272 American Ale II

I mashed at 158F for 60 minutes. To improve efficiency, a slightly lower mash temperature
might be desirable (my target was 156F).

Note that the boiling time is 90 minutes, but the first hop addition is 15 minutes into
the boil.

Brewer's log (view full log)
Definitely happy with this beer now that I've had a couple of them. Emily claims it's undercarbonated for her tastes, but I think it's pretty perfect. I'll be. . . . . [view full post]
As the snowstorm started moving in this afternoon, I bottled the RyePA III. Filled all twelve of my 16-oz bottles, one 24-oz bottle, and thirty 12-oz bottles. . . . . . [view full post]
So I did an idiotic thing... after sanitizing the hydrometer, I decided to drop it directly into the carboy (since this had worked quite well when I had checked. . . . . [view full post]
Just checked the SG -- already down to 1.010 (that's 5.4% ABV)! It's still bubbling away slowly, so I guess it's conceivable it could go lower (though I'm gonn. . . . . [view full post]
After about a day or day-and-a-half around 62-64F, I pulled it out of the water bath and put it back in the bedroom. The warm spell we had a couple days ago ha. . . . . [view full post]
Temps started creeping up closer to 70F this afternoon, so into a water bath it went. Now it's down around 64F -- I'll try to keep it around there until fermen. . . . . [view full post]
Brewed this last night, and it's bubbling away happily this morning. For the first time in a long time, my efficiency was very low (65%). I suspect that this . . . . . [view full post]


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