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Raspberry Melomel


I have realized that I neglected to write down the recipe for this one, so unfortunately I have to be vague. Essentially, this was just honey, lots of fresh raspberries, a bit of yeast nutrient, and a couple yeast strains thrown in at different times. I don't remember the amount of honey, but it might have been about 2 lb? I also don't remember how large the package of raspberries was... I wanna say maybe a quart? It looked like a lot. And it's fermenting in a half-gallon container, so there was enough water to top that off, and then top it off again after I took a sample and racked it off the fruit. I have no recollection what the gravity was at that point. Oh, and I have no idea when I started it... perhaps late February? All in all, a failure of record-keeping. But I'll try to be better going forward...

[2 lb?] Honey
[1 qt?] Fresh raspberries
top-off water

I added some seemingly dead yeast at first, of some wheat beer
variety (I thought maybe the banana/clove tastes would be 
interesting), but it didn't really take off.  Instead, I later
added a bit of the slurry from the Belgian-y half of the 
Rye Blonde II, which seemed to take off better.

Brewer's log (view full log)
About half the Raspberry Melomel was added into the 108 at bottling time today. I drank a glass out of the remainder, but it was just too intense tasting to enj. . . . . [view full post]
Just took a hydro sample... it's currently about 1.090, and still tastes syrupy. To replace the volume removed for the sample, I added some warm water with abo. . . . . [view full post]


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