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Wild Ale I


This is the first in what will hopefully be a long line of attempts at using collected wild yeast to brew beer. This was a lazy ale (extract), but most of the future ones will probably be all-grain (since I haven't brewed an extract batch in years).

The yeast for this batch was isolated from the "date wine" slurry in the Experimental Brew #1, by streaking the slurry on agar and then selecting the colony that looked the most like brewers yeast (it was white, smooth, slightly shiny). I then stepped that up using DME starters with yeast nutrient added. When the starters tasted acceptable (if slightly sour/tangy), I decided it was time to do a relatively full-size batch.

The beer is supposed to be very minimalist, so as to best determine what the yeast tastes like.

Batch Size (Gal): 	2.25
Anticipated OG: 	1.045
Actual OG:		1.045
Anticipated SRM: 	5.5 	     	  
Anticipated IBU: 	20.3 	   	  
Wort Boil Time: 	60 min

Brew date:		February 21, 2011
Days in primary:	[pending]
Days in secondary:	[pending]
Final gravity:		1.011
Alcohol by volume:	4.5%

% 	Amount 		Name 		Origin 	Potential	SRM
85.7 	1.88 lbs.  	Briess DME Gold	America 1.046 		8
14.3 	0.31 lbs.  	Cane Sugar 	Generic 1.046 		0

Amount 		Name 		Form 	Alpha 	IBU 	Boil Time
0.50 oz.  	Sorachi Ace 	Whole 	8.00 	20.3 	30 min

WSP 001 Sayer Date Yeast
Brewer's log (view full log)
Down to my last bottle of Wild Ale I. I quite like the beer, and will definitely use this yeast for another batch soon. Even though it started out quite clean. . . . . [view full post]
In the name of making sure they weren't becoming bottle bombs, I predictably couldn't wait a month to try the Wild Ale I. It's pretty fully carbed now, not rea. . . . . [view full post]
Just bottled the Wild Ale I -- was hoping for a full case (24 bottles), but only managed to get 22. The pellicle on the beer had become much more accentuated, . . . . . [view full post]
Just took another sample, SG is still 1.011, so I'll be bottling this weekend for sure. The flavor is phenomenal... reminiscent of the better aspects of a lage. . . . . [view full post]
So this isolated wild yeast is definitely not Saccaromyces, as it has formed a pretty clear pellicle in the last few days. I took three pictures (click for ful. . . . . [view full post]
I forgot to post it at the time, but I pulled a hydrometer sample and tasted it a couple days ago. I am very pleased with the flavors... definitely some earthi. . . . . [view full post]
Interestingly enough, this beer has cleared pretty much completely, and it appears that the yeast is more flocculent than the combination of yeasts in the Farmh. . . . . [view full post]
Very standard looking krausen now, considering this is a wild yeast strain:         . . . . . [view full post]
Last night, I was a little concerned because the yeast didn't seem to be very active yet. This morning, however, it was chugging away, maybe 1 bubble every 3-5. . . . . [view full post]


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