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Farmhouse Ale


This is one of my two planned summer brews this year. It's just about the simplest a beer can be, but the yeast strains should impart some interesting characteristics.

Batch size: 		4.5 gal
Total Grain (Lbs): 	11.69 	   	  
Anticipated OG: 	1.060
Anticipated SRM: 	4.5 (	     	  	)
Anticipated IBU: 	22.5 	   	  
Brewhouse Efficiency: 	65 	 % 	  
Wort Boil Time: 	90 	 Minutes 	  

% 	Amount 		Name 			Origin	Potential 	SRM
94.1 	11.00 lbs.  	Brewers Malt(2-row) 	America	1.036 		2
5.9 	0.69 lbs.  	Rye Malt 		America	1.030 		4

Amount 		Name 		Form 	Alpha 	IBU 	Boil Time
1.00 oz.  	Czech Saaz 	Whole 	3.10 	15.2 	70 min
1.00 oz.  	Czech Saaz 	Whole 	3.10 	4.9 	20 min
1.00 oz.  	Czech Saaz 	Whole 	3.10 	2.4 	5 min

This is a complicated ingredient.  I pitched a vial of WLP565 Saison, but I also pitched 
a jar of yeast slurry from the half of the Blonde Ale II that had been fermented with 
WLP575, Belgian Ale Blend.  So, assuming the Belgian blend still has all three of its 
constituent strains, this beer has four different strains in it.  There's also a 
possibility of a little Wyeast 1272 thrown in the mix, since that's what the other half 
of the Blonde Ale used, and I was not being entirely careful during the bottling process 
to sanitize between the two (since I didn't really care which strain was eating the 
priming sugar).

EDIT: The yeast component got even more complicated, as I made the decision to add 
the WSP001 Sayer Date yeast after primary fermentation had finished.  I let that work for 
about a month and a half, and the OG went from 1.008 to 1.007 during that span.

Brewer's log (view full log)
I'm drinking my second sample bottle right now, and this is definitely better than the first one, which I'd opened on Saturday, May 21, one week after bottling.. . . . . [view full post]
Bottled the Farmhouse today, and it has a really pleasant Belgian-y taste, with just the right amount of funk/spice, and none of the buttery flavors I had notic. . . . . [view full post]
Finally got around to posting the picture I took when I drank that sample a few days back: . . . . . [view full post]
After tasting the hydrometer sample a few days ago, I've been trying to decide what this beer needs, since I wasn't entirely happy with the flavor profile. Las. . . . . [view full post]
Just took another sample, still at 1.008. This has got a lot going on, flavor-wise, definitely more than the Wild Ale I, and I would have probably guessed the . . . . . [view full post]
The beer is finally starting to clear, so I'll take another hydro sample in the next day or two to see how much it's changed. If the answer is not at all, I'll. . . . . [view full post]
Just pulled a sample for a gravity reading — down to 1.008 — and now I'm drinking it. Definitely a flavorful beer, considering so little went into . . . . . [view full post]
Brewed this yesterday, but it was a pretty hectic brew day, so I made some last minute decisions to change a few things. I added more 2-row and decided not to . . . . . [view full post]


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